Monday, June 24, 2013


Last week, I went to Navarre, Florida for a family reunion. One of the activities we did as a group outside of the condos was canoeing. The canoeing trip was about a five hour long. My sister and I got in a canoe with my moms cousin, Donald. There ended up being thirteen canoes from the Delmas group. (Not everyone went canoeing.) I was in the front paddling and Donald was in the back paddling. My sister was just chilling in the middle. My sister, Lindsey just passed out drinks as need. Ten minutes into the trip, we went over a log and we got stuck. Tony, Donald's cousin, was behind us. He saw that we were stuck and came to push out canoe off the log. Then all of a sudden our canoe started to tip to the side, Donald and I fell out along with some of our belongings. Being in the river looking up and I saw Lindsey just sitting in the canoe like nothing happened. Donald and I moved the canoe to the shore. We took all of our belongings and placed them on the shore. My sister watched Donald and I tried to get water and sand out of the canoe. As we started looking the see what was wet Donald looked into his food bag to realize that he didn't put his sandwiches in ziplock bags. His sandwiches were wrapped in napkins. Next, he takes the sandwiches out of the napkins and opens it up places them on the canoe. His reasoning he was trying to dry them. So he was toasting them on the side of the canoe. For the next four hour and half hours, we laughed so much about the sandwiches. We called them "Black Water Sandwiches". Then we watched everyone else's reaction for Donald's toasted Black Water sandwiches and having cheese melting down the side of the canoe. Donald trying to dry his sandwiches worked out pretty well until it started pouring raining. After that we used the sandwiched with the melted cheese for ammo and threw them at his nephew. It turns out we didn't even stop for lunch. 

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